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Space-Efficient Solutions: The Advantages of Using Angled-Shaped Connectors



Angled-shape connectors are not just about saving space; they ensure continuous and reliable performance where standard connectors fall short. As we delve into the advantages they offer across various applications, we’ll explore the tailored solutions that WEIPU provides, ensuring your systems maintain optimal connectivity under any condition.



Benefits of Angled-Shape Connectors:



(1) Space-Saving Design: Ideal for tight spaces, angled connectors adapt well to tight spots without compromising on the quality of the connection. This design makes installation and maintenance more straightforward in confined or awkward spaces and overcomes the challenges posed by straight connectors, enhancing usability and accessibility.


(2) Enhanced Cable Management: By easing cable tension and safeguarding against wear, angled-shaped connectors significantly enhance your equipment’s durability. They provide superior strain relief, effectively decreasing the cable’s bending radius to prevent internal damage and promote a longer lifespan for the cable setup.


(3) Optimized for Performance: The design can contribute to preserving signal integrity by reducing cable bending, which can affect performance, especially in high-frequency applications.


(4) Environmental Resistance: With IP ratings like IP67 and IP68, these connectors are engineered to withstand dust ingress and temporary submersion in water, ensuring consistent performance in varying environmental conditions.


(5) Functionality and Aesthetics: Angled-shaped connectors are designed for both functionality and visual appeal. They allow for precise cable direction, ensuring neat organization and a visually appealing setup, an essential feature in spaces where appearance matters as much as performance.




Explore WEIPU’s range: 



(1) SF12 Series: Engineered with metal for durability, this series offers 2-9 pins and 3-13A current ratings. Its push-pull mechanism ensures secure connectivity, complemented by an IP67 rating for environmental resistance.



(2) WY Series: Featuring a metal body, the WY series provides a vast range of 1-61 pins and sizes 16-55, with current capacities from 5-150A. A bayonet locking system and an up to IP66 rating make it versatile for various applications.




(3) SP21 Series: This series presents a plastic build for lightweight needs, supporting 1-15 pins, 5-100A currents, and threading for attachment. Its standout feature is the IP68 rating, indicating superior waterproof capabilities.



(4) SY21 Series: Similar to the SP21, the SY21 series is made of plastic, offers 1-15 pins and 5-100A current ratings, and uses a bayonet lock. It is rated IP67, ensuring reliable performance in moist environments.



(5) WA22 Series: Also in plastic, the WA22 accommodates unique configurations like 3+PE/6+PE, with a current limit of up to 16A. It utilizes thread locking and boasts an IP67 rating for comprehensive environmental protection.




Weipu connectors are designed with innovation and efficiency at the forefront, ready to meet the demands of modern applications including renewable energy projects, LED lighting systems, electric vehicle batteries, telecommunication infrastructure, 5G networks, and various sensor technologies. These connectors are engineered to support the critical demands of these diverse fields, highlighting their adaptability and the role they play in powering tomorrow’s innovations.

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