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LED Lighting

Ensuring Reliable LED Lighting with Weipu’s Waterproof Connectors





Protection up to IP68
Salt Spray Testing 48 hours
Outdoor UV/ Sun Fade Testing
Operating Temperature Range -40°C to +85°C
Threaded, Push-pull and Bayonet Coupling


With the feature of energy-saving, low maintenance cost, and durability, LED lighting has become a popular choice across all industries. LED lighting is also believed to widely replace traditional lighting in the near future. Among them, connectors have been an important part of all stages of LED design. Thus, choosing proper connectors to ensure safety and well-fit LED applications is becoming the main task for many LED designers and engineers.




A waterproof, energy-efficient, durable, and robust connector is a must


LED applications may be exposed to hostile environments, such as rain, moisture, dust, and extreme temperatures. Therefore, a robust, waterproof, and anti-UV connecting solution is necessary to ensure that outdoor lighting applications, such as street lights, solar lights, or aqua LED, will operate well under this kind of harsh environment. In addition, energy efficiency, durability, and robustness are also crucial factors to consider in selecting the right connectors for LED applications.


WEIPU’s Solution


Fast connection, IP68 protection, -40°C to 85°C temperature resistance, and anti-UV function


For years, WEIPU has been designing and manufacturing high-quality connectors, including waterproof connectors that are suitable for use in harsh environments. We offer a wide range of options of connectors, including different coupling options, up to IP68 waterproof protection, -40°C to 85°C temperature degree resistance, and anti-UV function. Our waterproof connectors are designed to integrate well into LED applications and help our customers boost their projects. With our fast connection and robust waterproof solutions, you can rest assured that your LED applications will work reliably and efficiently, even in the toughest environments.


LED Light Controllers

LED Display Wall

Stage lighting

Street lighting

Outdoor lighting

Lighting Fixture

Horticulture luminaries

Aqua LED

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