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WEIPU’s Horizontal Mount Screw Series: Simplifying Installation




We are excited to unveil an addition to our product line—the Horizontal Mount Screw Series. This new design is set to redefine standards in connector assembly and installation, providing our customers with an innovative alternative to the traditional top-mount screw design.




The Evolution of Screw Termination in Connectors


Historically, WEIPU’s connectors featured the conventional top-mount screw termination, which has served many applications adequately. However, recognizing the diverse needs of our customers and the limitations in certain configurations, WEIPU embarked on developing a more flexible and space-efficient termination method.







Horizontal Mount Screw Design: A superior choice


The horizontal mount screw series offers a distinct advantage by relocating the screw terminals to the side of the connector. This orientation not only simplifies the installation process in tight spaces but also enhances the overall aesthetics and functionality of the assembly. The side placement of screws provides easier access for adjustments and maintenance, making it a superior choice for many mechanical and electrical environments.





Key Features and Benefits


  • Increased Rated Current and Wire Size Capacity: Compared to the top-mount screw, the new horizontal mount design allows for an increased rated current from 10A to 30A and enlarged wire sizes from the original 1.5mm² to 4mm², ensuring better performance for higher power applications.
  • Enhanced Accessibility: Screws located on the side allow for easier and faster assembly, especially in confined spaces where top access is restricted.
  • Increased Adaptability: This new configuration fits more seamlessly into various applications, from industrial machinery to complex electronics, where space optimization is crucial.
  • Durability and Reliability: Like all WEIPU products, the horizontal mount screw series is designed to withstand harsh conditions, ensuring reliable performance and longevity.





Ideal Applications


The horizontal mount screw series is particularly well-suited for applications such as:

  • Panel Mounting: Simplifies installation where multiple connectors are aligned on the same panel.
  • Compact Systems: Ideal for use in systems where space is at a premium and every millimeter counts.
  • Aesthetically Sensitive Installations: Provides a cleaner look with less visible wiring and hardware.





Choosing the Right Connector: Top-mount Screw vs. Horizontal mount screw


When selecting a connector, it’s crucial to consider the specific requirements of your application. The horizontal mount series is recommended for those seeking easier access and more efficient space usage. Meanwhile, the traditional top-mount model remains a strong candidate for less space-restricted environments. Both types maintain WEIPU’s high standards of quality and durability.





Available Series with Horizontal Mount Screw Design:



(1) SP17 series:






(2) SP21 series:






(3) WA22 series:





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