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Top 5 Most Popular WEIPU Circular Connectors for Harsh Environments


In the realm of connectors, WEIPU stands out with its exceptional range designed to thrive in harsh environments. Here are the top five most popular circular connectors, each boasting unique features to ensure reliable performance in challenging conditions:




(1) SA Series: Solid Metal Design, Easy locking, Color Options


The SA Series combines versatility with aesthetic appeal, offering a metal connector with an IP67 protection rating and a user-friendly push-pull coupling mechanism. With a current range of 3-100A and a pin range of 1-35, the SA Series provides choices in 5 colorsblack, silver, blue, green, and red—adding a touch of customization to its robust and reliable performance.





(2) SP Series: Exceptional Performance in Any Environment – Waterproof, Dustproof, and Reliable


The SP Series is a solid design from robust plastic, providing extreme waterproof and dustproof protection with its IP68 rating. Featuring a secure threaded coupling mechanism, it ensures a stable connection even in the harshest conditions. With a broad current range of 3-100A, pin options from 1-35, and UL certification (SP11 4&5 pin, SP13 4-9 pin, SP21 2-5 pin) adds an extra layer of reliability, making it a preferred choice across industries like solar, LED lighting, 5G communication, and electric vehicle batteries.


Material: Plastic
Protection: IP68
Coupling: Thread
Current Range: 3-100A
Pin Range: 1-35
Certification: UL Certified



(3) WY Series: Strong Construction, Anti-vibration


The WY Series epitomizes excellence and anti-vibration capability with its metal construction and bayonet coupling design. Ranging from IP44 to IP67 protection, it caters to varying environmental demands. With a current range of 5-150A and a pin range of 1-61, the WY Series ensures a secure and efficient connection, making it an ideal choice for applications demanding both reliability and ease of use such as automation, robots, electric vehicle batteries, etc.


Material: Metal
Protection: IP44-IP67
Coupling: Bayonet
Current Range: 5-150A
Pin Range: 1-61



(4) WA22 Series: “3+PE” and “6+PE” Contacts Along with Protective Earth (PE) for Electrical Safety and Interference Reduction


With an IP67 protection rating, they provide an impenetrable barrier against water and dust, making them ideal for outdoor and industrial applications. The thread coupling mechanism ensures a secure and stable connection, while the multiple termination options, including solder and screw, offer installation flexibility. The WA22 Series features circular connectors with 3+PE and 6+PE contacts, catering to a diverse range of electrical configurations. Additionally, these connectors hold CSA certification, attesting to their compliance with rigorous safety and performance standards.


Material: Plastic
Protection: IP67
Coupling: Thread
Termination: Solder and screw
Circular connectors with 3+PE and 6+PE contacts
Certification: CSA



(5) SY25 Data Series: Precision & Fast Data Transmission


Designed for modern data transmission needs, the SY25 Data Series combines plastic construction with an IP67 protection rating and a convenient bayonet coupling mechanism. Offering diverse options such as LC, RJ45, USB3.0, and HDMI 2.0 types, it addresses specific requirements in a compact and resilient package.


Material: Plastic
Protection: IP67
Coupling: Bayonet
Types: LC, RJ45, USB3.0, HDMI 2.0

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