Rail Pump Adapter Projects – WEIPU SF Series Connectors for Secure Connections



WEIPU SF Series: Ensuring Reliable Connections for Rail Pump Adapter Projects at STARDEX



STARDEX, a leading provider of modern test equipment for Common Rail and UIS/PLD diesel systems, places utmost importance on ensuring correct and secure connections in their Rail Pump Adapter projects. With this critical requirement in mind, STARDEX has chosen the WEIPU SF series connectors as their connector solution of choice.


In the realm of Common Rail and UIS/PLD diesel systems, maintaining a stable and secure connection is paramount. The SF series connectors offer a robust and high-quality solution, ensuring secure and stable connections in demanding applications. Featuring a convenient push-pull design, these connectors simplify the plugging and unplugging process, enhancing usability and efficiency. With an IP67 rating, they provide reliable protection against dust and water ingress, making them suitable for challenging environments. The SF series connectors support various termination methods, including solder, screw, and crimp, offering flexibility for installation requirements.

Key Features:


Signature products-SF series


  • Brass Construction: Robust brass materials, ensure long-lasting performance and reliability
  • Push-pull design for easy operation
  • IP67 rating for dust and water resistance
  • Support for multiple termination methods: Solder, Screw, Crimp
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