Outdoor Antenna Project – WEIPU SP Series for Harsh Environments

WEIPU SP Series for Antenna Design: Ensuring Reliable Connections in Outdoor Environments


Wireless Instruments, a leading provider of Wi-Fi, LTE, and 5G antennas based in Poland has garnered over 15 years of expertise in developing antennas tailored for outdoor use. With a strong focus on design and innovation, Wireless Instruments has established a comprehensive product line catering to diverse outdoor scenarios.


Maintaining a stable connection in outdoor environments presents unique challenges. To overcome these challenges, Wireless Instruments uses the WEIPU IP68 SP series connectors for their outdoor antenna projects. Designed with ruggedness and high-level waterproofing in mind, these connectors ensure a steadfast and reliable connection even in the harshest of environments.


The WEIPU SP series connectors offer several key features that make them an ideal choice for outdoor antenna designs. Their robust construction provides durability and resilience, withstanding challenging conditions such as extreme temperatures, moisture, and exposure to various elements. The IP68 rating guarantees superior protection against dust and water ingress, allowing the connectors to maintain optimal performance over an extended period. 

Key Features:


Signature product-SP series


  • Rugged design for durability and resilience
  • IP68 rating for superior dust and water protection
  • Reliable performance in extreme temperatures and harsh environments 
  • Wide Range of Contacts offering flexibility with a wide range of contact configurations, accommodating 1 to 35 pins
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