Outdoor Bird Alert Project – Integration of WEIPU Connectors for Effective Power Supply


We are often placed in cold and rough weather, where your connectors fit perfectly.”

– Allan Kirkegaard, Technical Manager at WildDetect


WEIPU SA&SP Series: Enabling Seamless Connectivity for WildDetect’s Outdoor BirdAlert Project

WildDetect, a leader in bird control services with over 10 years of expertise, provides innovative solutions that decode specific bird sounds and facilitate effective scaring techniques. In their quest for reliable and durable connectivity solutions, WildDetect used WEIPU high waterproof IP67 metal SA series and IP68 plastic SP series connectors for their BirdAlert 1 and subsequent generation 2 projects. 
These connectors played a crucial role in facilitating seamless communication with external scaring devices while ensuring efficient power and sound input. Given the challenging environmental conditions in which these devices operate, WEIPU’s high-quality connectors proved to be the ideal choice for maintaining stable connections and ensuring optimal performance.



Key Features of WildDetect’s Choice


SA Series:


  • IP67 Protection: against dust, dirt, and water, enabling reliable performance in outdoor environments
  • Push-Pull Fast Connection: allowing for quick and secure connections, enhancing efficiency and ease of use
  • Multi-Color Options:  allowing for easy identification and organization of connections


SP Series:


  • IP68 Protection: superior protection against dust, water, and other elements, ensuring reliable operation in demanding outdoor settings
  • Threaded Connection:  ensuring a secure and stable connection that can withstand vibrations and movements
  • Customized All-Black: providing an anti-fade and aesthetically pleasing solution

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