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WY Series: Anti-Vibration Connectors for Electric Mobility and Battery Systems




In the rapidly advancing fields of electric mobility and battery systems, the need for reliable, robust, and high-performance connectors is critical. WEIPU’s WY series offers anti-vibration connectors designed to meet the stringent demands of these applications. This article explores the specific requirements of connectors in electric mobility and battery systems and highlights why the WY series is a popular choice among industry professionals.




Connector Requirements for Electric Mobility and Battery Systems


Connectors in electric mobility and battery systems must meet several key criteria to ensure safety, efficiency, and longevity:


Vibration Resistance:

  • Requirement: Vehicles and battery systems experience significant vibrations and mechanical shocks. Connectors must maintain stable connections under these conditions.
  • WY Series Solution: The bayonet coupling of the WY series provides a secure and stable connection, offering superior resistance to vibrations and ensuring that the connectors remain intact even in dynamic environments.



Environmental Protection:

  • Requirement: Exposure to dust, moisture, and extreme temperatures is common in outdoor and mobile applications. High IP ratings are essential for protecting the connectors.
  • WY Series Solution: With an up to IP67 rating, WY series connectors are highly resistant to dust and moisture, making them suitable for harsh environmental conditions encountered in electric mobility and battery systems.



High Current and Signal Transmission:

  • Requirement: Electric vehicles and battery systems require connectors that can handle high current for power transmission and low current for signal transmission simultaneously.
  • WY Series Solution: The WY series offers hybrid connections, particularly the 8-pin configuration (2-pin*60A+6-pin*5A), which is ideal for this application. This allows for efficient power and signal transmission through a single connector, reducing complexity and enhancing reliability.



Durability and Reliability:

  • Requirement: Connectors must withstand prolonged use without degradation in performance.
  • WY Series Solution: Made from durable materials and designed for longevity, the WY Series connectors ensure consistent performance and reliability over time.



Ease of Installation and Maintenance:

  • Requirement: Quick and secure installation is crucial for efficient maintenance and reduced downtime.
  • WY Series Solution: The bayonet coupling design of the WY series allows for quick, secure connections and disconnections, simplifying installation and maintenance processes.






Why WY Series is Popular for Electric Mobility and Battery Systems


The WY series has become a preferred choice in the electric mobility and battery sectors due to several standout features:


  • Hybrid Connection Capability: The ability to handle both high power and signal transmission through the 8-pin connector (2-pin*60A+6-pin*5A) makes it highly versatile and efficient.
  • Robust Design: The anti-vibration and high-sealing capabilities ensure that the connectors perform reliably in the demanding environments of electric vehicles and battery systems.
  • High Current Capacity: With a current capacity of up to 150A, the WY series can support the high power demands of modern electric mobility solutions.





Applications of WY Series in Electric Mobility and Battery Systems


  • Electric Vehicles (EVs): Ensures reliable power and signal transmission in EVs, such as EV bikes, EV motors, EV cargos, EV buses, EV boats, etc., where vibration resistance and environmental protection are crucial.
  • Battery Systems: Provides secure connections in energy storage systems, maintaining performance and safety.
  • Smart Batteries: Facilitates reliable connections in smart battery systems, ensuring efficient power management.
  • Parcel Lockers: Ensures stable and efficient power delivery for electronic locks and control systems, crucial for secure and reliable operation.




The WY series connectors from WEIPU are specifically designed to meet the rigorous demands of electric mobility and battery systems. With features like hybrid connection capability, anti-vibration design, high IP67 rating, and robust construction, the WY series ensures reliable and efficient performance in challenging environments. This makes it a top choice for professionals seeking dependable connectivity solutions in the rapidly evolving electric mobility and battery sectors.


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