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WEIPU’s All-Black SP Series: Engineered for Durability and Aesthetic Consistency




In response to customer feedback on aesthetic durability, WEIPU has innovatively redesigned its popular SP series connectors. Traditionally featuring a blue and black color scheme, the SP series has been a reliable choice for outdoor environments, thanks to its robust IP68 protection. However, prolonged exposure to sunlight could lead to color fading in the blue components, a purely cosmetic yet important concern for many users. To address this, WEIPU designs an all-black version of the SP series, designed to eliminate concerns about color fading and enhance UV resistance.



Why Choose All-Black Connectors?


The all-black SP series connectors are not just about maintaining color integrity; they offer several substantial benefits:


  • UV Resistance: The all-black design significantly enhances resistance to UV radiation, preventing the degradation that can occur with prolonged sun exposure. This is crucial for devices used outdoors where UV exposure is inevitable.
  • Aesthetic Consistency: Maintaining a uniform appearance is vital in visible applications. The all-black aesthetic ensures that the connectors remain visually consistent, blending seamlessly with various equipment and installations without the distraction of fading.
  • Durability: The color consistency goes hand in hand with the physical robustness provided by the high-grade plastics used, which are designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions without compromising on performance.
  • Versatility: Black is a neutral color that complements almost any design, making these connectors a versatile choice for a wide range of applications.






Industries & Applications for All-Black Connectors: 


  • Outdoor Communications: Equipment used in telecommunications and networking that is often exposed to direct sunlight.
  • Commercial and Recreational Marine: Boats and marine equipment, where connectors are exposed to not just sunlight but also salt spray need to remain discreet and corrosion-resistant.
  • Renewable Energy Systems: Particularly in solar energy installations, where components are in constant exposure to the elements.
  • Outdoor Lighting and Signage: Ensures that connectors do not detract from the visual design and are protected against the elements.
  • Architectural Outdoor Applications: Where aesthetics are as crucial as functionality, ensuring that every component maintains its appearance over time.


WEIPU’s all-black SP series connectors represent a significant advancement in meeting the dual demands of functionality and visual appeal. By providing a solution that stands up to the sun’s harsh effects while maintaining its aesthetic integrity, WEIPU ensures that its connectors can reliably serve in any environment, ensuring both performance and satisfaction in demanding applications.



Visit our Case Study to see how this series applied to outdoor environments!




WEIPU SP series features:

Material: Plastic

Protection: IP68

Coupling: Thread

Current Range: 3-100A

Pin Range: 1-35



WEIPU’s other All-Black series:


Material: Plastic

Protection: IP67

Coupling: Bayonet

Current Range: 3-100A

Pin Range: 1-35


Material: Plastic

Protection: IP67

Coupling: Thread

Termination: Solder and screw

Circular connectors with 3+PE and 6+PE contacts


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