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Maximize Solar Inverter Performance with WEIPU’s SP & SY25 Data Connector Series




When selecting connectors for solar inverters, WEIPU’s SP and SY25 Data series are good choices that cater to the stringent requirements of solar energy systems. With its IP68 rating, the SP series is featured for its dust-tight and waterproof capabilities, ensuring that connectors can withstand the environmental challenges prevalent in solar applications. These connectors, made from high-quality, durable plastic, can handle a wide current range from 3-100A and offer various pin configurations (1-35 pins), accommodating different power needs of solar inverters.



For solar inverters that necessitate robust data transmission capabilities, the SY25 Data series excels with its IP67 rating, signifying reliable performance in diverse environments. The quick and secure bayonet coupling mechanism of the SY25 Data series is pivotal for maintaining consistent performance in the ever-dynamic solar energy sector. Moreover, this series facilitates modern communication requirements with support for various data interfaces, including LC, RJ45, USB 3.0, and HDMI 2.0, vital for solar inverters that require high-speed and reliable data communication.



Combining electrical, environmental, and mechanical robustness with ease of use, the SP and SY25 Data series connectors are designed to meet the rigorous demands of solar energy systems. Both series exemplifies the innovation necessary for solar technology, providing the reliability and efficiency needed for converting and transmitting solar energy.

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