Waterproof Connector Make Connecting Much Safer

Date:September 14th 2020

With the rapid development of underwater exploration, data transmission as well as the severe environments, there is a large demand for waterproof connectors. Over the past years, Weipu helped many companies in different industries with applications range from power control box, boat batteries, agriculture measurement to outdoor sensor systems that requires high protection against solids and moisture.

Weipu SP Series (product hyperlink) high power connectors providing environmental sealing protection up to IP68 levels. The insert material is PPS with max temperature 260℃. They are rated for 500Vrms working voltage, 1,500Vrms test voltage, a maximum of 5Ω initial contact resistance, and operating temperatures extending from -40°C to 85°C. The ideal applications for this series demanding solar energy, outdoor lighting, power connection, battery, and other outdoor environments.


(SP21 Connectors for connecting the batteries with the robot)

(SP13 for outdoor lighting applications)

The growth of underwater applications and outdoor harsh environment including solar energy and agriculture requires more improved waterproof connectors with higher IP ratings. Weipu is working hard on this field to meet the needs for both consumer products and industrial equipment.