FRIWO Empowers EV Charging with WEIPU’s WY Series Connectors

The advent of electric vehicles (EVs) has highlighted the need for robust and reliable battery charging solutions capable of meeting high current demands while ensuring safety and durability.




FRIWO’s choice:


FRIWO, a leader in power supply technology since 1971, has risen to this challenge by integrating WEIPU’s WY28 8-pin connectors into its advanced charging systems. Known for their metal construction and bayonet coupling, these connectors offer significant anti-vibration capabilities, essential for maintaining secure connections in dynamic environments. Its up-to-IP67 rating guarantees protection against harsh conditions, while its hybrid design adeptly handles both power and signal requirements, providing 60A for power transmission and 5A for signals.




WY series hybrid connection-8-pin ( 2*60A+6*5A )




FRIWO’s selection of WEIPU’s WY28 connectors exemplifies a harmonious blend of innovation and reliability in the realm of EV charging solutions. This collaboration not only meets the evolving demands of electric mobility but also sets new benchmarks for safety and efficiency in battery charging technology.


Signature Product: WY Series



  • Material: Zinc alloy
  • Bayonet, anti-vibration
  • IP67 Protection
  • Power, signal, hybrid connection
  • Termination: Solder, Crimp, Screw
  • Cable assembly available
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