AMS LIGHTING Utilizes WEIPU SP Series Connectors for Outdoor Umbrella Lighting

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AMS LIGHTING, an Italian-based company established in 2012, has specialized in designing premium lighting systems for sunshades, gazebos, and sails. The brand was born with the mission of finding innovative solutions to provide its customers with high-end products made to last in harsh environments. Equipped with RF and Wi-Fi management, the lighting systems are tailor-made to be easily integrated into the shading solutions of all outdoor furniture manufacturers.



Designed by AMS Lighting with WEIPU SP13 connectors




Application: Lighting Battery Pack & Power System


The WEIPU SP13 series connectors are crucial components in AMS LIGHTING’s BATTERY PACK and EXTERNAL POWER SYSTEM for outdoor umbrella lighting. These connectors ensure robust and reliable power connections, enabling seamless integration of the battery pack with the lighting system. Their compact design and high current capacity make them ideal for maintaining continuous power supply, even in harsh outdoor environments. The threaded coupling provides secure and stable connections, while the IP68 protection rating ensures durability against dust, water, and other environmental factors. By utilizing SP13 connectors, AMS LIGHTING can deliver high-performance, aesthetically pleasing, and reliable outdoor lighting solutions to their customers.





Challenges and Solutions


AMS LIGHTING faced the challenge of finding suitable connectors to connect the lighting system components. The outdoor lighting environment demands connectors that are robust, reliable, and aesthetically pleasing. Traditional connectors often fall short in these aspects, leading to unreliable connections and compromised design integrity.



WEIPU SP13 Series connectors emerged as the optimal solution to these challenges. Their small dimension, high current per pin performance, elevated protection rate, and threaded coupling make them ideal for outdoor applications. The custom black shell color of the connectors seamlessly matches the lighting system components, maintaining the high aesthetic integrity of AMS LIGHTING’s products. Additionally, the solder termination ensures an easy and fast manufacturing process with the cables of the lighting systems.




Key Benefits


  • Compact Design: The small dimension of the SP13 series connectors allows for easy integration into AMS LIGHTING’s systems without compromising on performance or reliability.
  • High Current Performance: These connectors offer high current per pin capabilities, ensuring efficient power delivery to the lighting systems.
  • Robust Protection: With an elevated protection rate, the SP13 series connectors are well-suited for harsh outdoor environments, providing durability and long-lasting performance.
  • Threaded Coupling: The threaded coupling ensures secure and reliable connections, preventing disconnections due to vibrations or environmental factors.
  • Aesthetic Integrity: Custom colors available. The custom black shell color of the connectors aligns with the design of AMS LIGHTING’s components, preserving the visual appeal of the final product.
  • Ease of Manufacturing: The solder termination facilitates a quick and straightforward manufacturing process, improving production efficiency.
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