High-End Loudspeaker-Hypostatic Selects WEIPU Stylish SA Series

“The Weipu SA20 push-pull plug is a very easy and reliable connector. It also looks very good and fits the design of the speaker.”  – by Hypostatic representative 




In the competitive realm of high-end audio equipment, the integration of quality components is crucial for achieving superior sound and aesthetic appeal. Hypostatic, a Finland-based company established in 2018, has carved a niche in designing premium speakers tailored for small and medium-sized rooms. Their latest innovation underscores the significance of not just sound quality but also the visual and tactile aspects of audio devices.



The Challenge:


In the pursuit of excellence, Hypostatic faced the challenge of finding connectors that align with their high standards of design and functionality. For their new loudspeaker model, they required connectors that not only provided secure and reliable connections but also complemented the sleek, minimalist design of their speakers.





The search led Hypostatic to WEIPU’s SA Series connectors, renowned for their streamlined appearance and operational efficiency. The SA20 push-pull plug, in particular, stood out for its ease of use and reliability. The series’ black shell design seamlessly matched the speakers’ sophisticated black exterior, maintaining the aesthetic integrity of the product while ensuring top-notch performance.


The collaboration between Hypostatic and WEIPU exemplifies how the right components can elevate a product’s appeal and performance. The SA Series connectors have proven to be an integral part of Hypostatic’s innovative approach, enabling them to deliver a product that stands out in the high-end audio market. This case study reaffirms WEIPU’s role as a trusted partner in the electronics industry, providing solutions that meet both technical and aesthetic requirements.

Signature Product: SA Series



  • Material: Anodized aluminum
  • Push-pull, fast connection
  • IP67 Protection
  • Multi-color options
  • Size from 6 to 28
  • Termination: Solder, Crimp, Screw
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