WEIPU IP67 - WATERPROOF CEE CONNECTOR Plastic connectors with bayonet locking

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    Robust materials

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    International standard IEC60309

WEIPU IP67 industrial connectors are high-quality products designed for durable and safe connections, which are used widely in different harsh environments. The CEE connectors generally are keyed and color-coded according to the voltage range and frequency used. With Push-in quick coupling and locking nut, these connectors ensure secure and stable connections.


* IP67 watertight protection
* Working current ranges from 16A-125A
* Number of contact: 3 poles, 4 poles and 5 poles
* Screw termination
* Corrosion resistance materials
* Nickel Plated Brass contacts
* Temperature ranges from –25°C to +85°C
* Single-part body
* Strain relief and protection against kinking
* Wide variety of connector options: Plugs, Sockets, In-line connectors, and Inlets
* International standards in accordance with IEC60309


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  • 2. IP67 CEE Connector
    Mating Diagram

Different types available

Reliable and robust solutions for high-current power connections in industrial, commercial, and outdoor applications

CEE Connector Case-Beijing National Stadium

WEIPU CEE connectors have been applied in the Beijing National Stadium since the 2008 Summer Olympics. The connectors were able to withstand the high demands of the project, including high voltages and currents, and harsh environmental conditions.


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  • Plug

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  • Panel Mounted Inlet

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  • Wall Mounted Inlet

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  • Panel Mounted Socket

    • 4. Panel Mounted Socket-1
    • 4. Panel Mounted Socket-2
    • 4. Panel Mounted Socket-3
  • Angled Panel Mounted Socket

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    • 5. Angled Panel Mounted Socket-2
    • 5. Angled Panel Mounted Socket-3
  • Surface Mounted Socket

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    • 6. Surface Mounted Socket-2
    • 6. Surface Mounted Socket-3
    • 6. Surface Mounted Socket-4
    • p22-03 ip67 socket
  • In-line Cable Connector

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    • 7. In-line Cable Connector-2
    • 7. In-line Cable Connector-3