ST12 Series Threaded
ST12 Series
ST12 Series
Material and Spec
Coupling Threaded coupling
Shell material Zinc alloy with black nickel plating
Insert material PPS, max temperature 260 ℃
Contact material Brass with gold plating
Termination Solder
Cable outer diameter range 5-8mm
IP rating IP67
Mating cycle 500
Temperature range -40 ~ + 85℃
Insulation resistance 2000 MΩ
ST12 Series Mating diagram

The ST12 series is the smallest metal shell connector among our other connectors, ST12 and SF12 has the same insert, same contacts and same electric spec, just different shell and different coupling, ST12 is cheaper than SF12.
This miniature connector is a IP67 connector, thread coupling, The body is made of zinc alloy with chrome plating, it can be front mount and rear mount.
The connectors can be used for both cable to cable (in-line) and cable to panel-mount connections. Each side can be male or female contact, (Plug or socket versions).
1) shell diameter ( panel hole cutout diameter): 12mm /14mm
2) number of contacts : 2 -9 gold plated contacts
3) rated current: 3A-13A
4) IP rating : IP67
5) Cable outlet acceptance: 5-8mm
6) CE , ROHS approval

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