WEIPU INDOOR USE CONNECTOR Plastic & Metal shell connectors with quick bayonet connection

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    Indoor use

  • ic_01-4

    High performance materials

  • Anti-vibration

    Vibration resistant

WEIPU WP20 series connectors are made of durable, high-performance plastic and metal material used widely for connecting electrical drives and industrial applications. The connectors are used for cable-to-panel-mount connections. Each side can be male or female contact. There are three different types of plugs for cable fixtures, PVC sleeves, clamping nuts, and metal hoses.


* Up to IP44 splash-proof
* 1-15 contacts

* Rated current: 5-100A
* Termination: Solder, Screw, and crimp
* Corrosion resistance materials
* Gold Plated Brass contacts
* Temperature ranges from –40°C to +85°C
* Cable OD ranges from 3mm – 12mm
* Vibration Resistant


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35. WP Series (Bayonet)(waterproof)
  • 35. WP20
    WP20 Mating Diagram

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Connect with WEIPU

  • WP20 TK 2D

    WP20 TK 2D

  • WP20 TO 2D

    WP20 TO 2D

  • WP20 TO-G 2D

    WP20 TO-G 2D

  • WP20 TP 2D

    WP20 TP 2D

  • WP20 Z 2D

    WP20 Z 2D

  • Solder Spec

    • WP20 solder
  • Crimp Spec

    • WP20 crimp
    • Crimp contact (6)
    • 25A 16-28
    • 10A 16-28
    • Crimp contact (1)
  • Screw Spec

    • P21-02