WEIPU IP67 - METAL CONNECTOR Large size power connector with threaded connection

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    High performance materials

  • Easy installation

    Mis-plug resistance

WEIPU WL52 series power connectors are made of durable, high-performance material, thanks to the aluminum material, which gives the light weight of a 19 high contact density connector. The connectors are used for cable-to-cable or cable-to-panel connections. Each side can be male or female contact and with optional IP67 waterproof caps.

There are three different types of plugs for cable fixtures, clamping nut, PG29 plastic hose adapter and M40x1.5 plastic hose adapter. These connectors are used widely for used for stage lighting connections.


* IP67 water-proof protection
* 19 contacts * Rated current 25A
* Termination: Solder
* Gold Plated contacts
* Temperature ranges from –40°C to +85°C
* Cable OD ranges: 15mm – 30mm
* Mis-plug resistance with colorful locking rings


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37. WL52 Series (Threaded)(waterproof)
  • 37. WL52
    WL52 Mating Diagram

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Connect with WEIPU

  • WL52-GZJ 2D

    WL52-GZJ 2D

  • WL52-GZK 2D

    WL52-GZK 2D

  • WL52J19T 2D

    WL52J19T 2D

  • WL52J19TADI 2D

    WL52J19TADI 2D

  • WL52J19TADII 2D

    WL52J19TADII 2D

  • WL52J19TII 2D

    WL52J19TII 2D

  • WL52J19Z 2D

    WL52J19Z 2D

  • WL52K19T 2D

    WL52K19T 2D

  • WL52K19TADI 2D

    WL52K19TADI 2D

  • WL52K19TADII 2D

    WL52K19TADII 2D

  • WL52K19TII 2D

    WL52K19TII 2D

  • WL52K19Z 2D

    WL52K19Z 2D

  • Solder Spec

    • WL52 solder