WEIPU IP67 - METAL CONNECTOR M23 Standard connectors for power with threaded connection

  • waterproof


  • International standard_European configuration _Various configuration options

    High performance materials

  • High mating cycles

    Mis-plug resistance with colorful bands

WEIPU M23 series power connectors are made of durable, hight performance material, which are used widely for used for connecting electrical drives and industrial automation applications.


* IP67 water-proof protection
* 6&8 contacts * Rated current: 8A & 28A
* Crimp contacts for various cross sections
* Gold Plated Brass contacts
* Temperature ranges from –40°C to +125°C
* 360° EMC shielding available
* Cable OD ranges: 4mm – 17mm


Download M23 Catalogue

2. M23 for power (Threaded)(waterproof)
  • 2. M23 Power
    M23 Power Mating Diagram

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Connect with WEIPU

  • M23DJTK 2D

    M23DJTK 2D

  • M23DJTL 2D

    M23DJTL 2D

  • M23DJZ 2D

    M23DJZ 2D

  • M23DJZL 2D

    M23DJZL 2D

  • M23DKTK 2D

    M23DKTK 2D

  • M23DKTL 2D

    M23DKTL 2D

  • M23DKZ 2D

    M23DKZ 2D

  • M23DKZL 2D

    M23DKZL 2D

  • Crimp Spec

    • M23 crimp