Security & Defense

Weipu is at the forefront of designing, manufacturing and supplying high performance interconnect systems for security and defense applications used in harsh environment. Our connectors, with their superior performance, are reliable when applied in security and defense sectors to withstand severe environmental stress such as vibration, high pressure, humidity and temperature.

Weipu’s solution

Weipu provides a comprehensive product portfolio that meets the high demands of manufacturing, assembly, quality management and testing that are a must for reliable suppliers to the security and defense industry. Our circular waterproof connectors provide threaded, push-pull and bayonet coupling for a wide range of industrial applications, such as test and measurement, control systems, robotics, sensors and inspection. With a robust design, the Weipu connectors can work in harsh environments to minimize vibration, withstand extreme temperatures and moisture.


● Protection up to IP68; Salt spray testing 48hours
● Operating temperature: -40°C to +85°C
● High shock & vibration resistance
● Custom PC tail contacts
● Shielding solutions



Controller Box




Security lighting

Product line

SP Series


SA series

WY Series

With experienced interconnect solutions engineers and designers, Weipu also provides shielding solutions for more complex needs especially for sensitive applications. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more details.

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