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A strong connection is a crucial factor deciding the quality of test and measurement equipment which means choosing reliable and high-quality connectors is a primary task for many industries to secure flexibility, higher measurement speed, and effective real-time testing.

Weipu Solution

Almost every industry needs test and measurement to ensure safety and effective operations, ranging from agriculture, healthcare, defense, telecommunications, renewable energy, LED lighting, and IoT, etc. Measurement equipment used to monitor and control processes is critical to the smooth operation of working systems. Among them, a strong connection is a key factor deciding the quality of measurement equipment. Reliable and high-quality connectors also secure the performance, accuracy, and efficiency of the equipment, thereby reducing transmission costs. On the contrary, a poor connection will increase the time required for the test process and may lead to the failure of the test, which will not only damage measurement equipment but give the risk of misleading results.
Moreover, in some cases, many test and measurement applications used in sectors of agriculture, renewable energy, transportation, or defense also need to be operating in harsh environments. This makes the device take the risk of damage under extreme temperature, radiation, high impact, and exposure to rain, dust, and mud. In such an environment, the equipment needs a higher quality on connection to ensure safety and accuracy.
WEIPU has been providing high-quality connection solutions for precise measurement, testing, and inspection, which brings reliability and ensures excellent performance levels regarding measurement on temperature, moisture, pressure, movement, speed, vibration and force. With rugged design and up to IP68 rating protection, WEIPU can also promise reliable operation of applications in harsh environments while protecting them from rain and dust.


Solar tracker

LED control system

GPS tracker

Temperature & Environment Monitor

Control box

Inspection System




● Conforms to EN61984 with CE mark / CSA/ UL /RoHS / ISO9001
● Protection up to IP68
● threaded, push-pull and bayonet coupling
● Operating Temperature Range -40°C to +85°C
● Salt Spray Testing 48 hours; Outdoor UV/ Sun Fade Testing

Product line

SP Series

WY Series


SF Series

SA Series

For test and measurement applications, in some cases, the connector and cable assembly must be properly shielded to prevent any kind of interference. Thus, WEIPU is also committed to providing reliable customized shielding solutions to meet your needs.

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