LED Lighting

With the feature of energy-saving, low maintenance cost, and durability, LED lighting has become a popular choice across all industries. LED lighting is also believed to widely replace traditional lighting in the near future. Among them, connectors have been an important part of all stages of LED design. Thus, choosing proper connectors to ensure safety and well-fit LED applications is becoming the main task for many LED designers and engineers.

Weipu’s Solution

As LEDs have a long service life and many industries today operate on a 24/7 schedule which requires the LED applications to work for a long-lasting time period. Thus energy-efficient, durable, low-maintenance, and robust lighting components, such as connectors, are needed to meet the requirement of such LED applications. Easy connection with power or signal is another issue for LED applications, it requires quick, easy, and secure connections to reduce installation time and associated costs. Moreover, outdoor LED applications may be exposed to hostile environments, such as rain, moisture, dust, sunshine, or extreme temperatures. Therefore, a robust, waterproof, and anti-UV connecting solution is necessary to ensure the outdoor lighting applications, such as street light, solar light, or aqua LED, will operate well under this kind of harsh environment.
For years WEIPU has been designing and manufacturing high-quality connectors. The LED sector is one of the main industries we highly pay attention to. WEIPU is devoted to offering a wide range of options of connectors, such as different coupling options, up to IP68 protection, -40°C to 85°C temperature degree resistance, and anti-UV function. Our aim is to make WEIPU connectors integrate well into LED applications and help our customers boost their projects.

Weipu's Feature:

● Salt Spray Testing 48 hours
● Protection up to IP68
● Outdoor UV/ Sun Fade Testing
● Operating Temperature Range -40°C to +85°C
● Threaded, Push-pull and Bayonet Coupling


LED Light Controllers

LED Display Wall

Stage lighting

Street lighting

Outdoor lighting

Lighting Fixture

Horticulture luminaries

Aqua LED

Product line

SY Series

SA Series

WY Series



With UL approved cable harness, WEIPU also offers customized cable assemblies to meet the requirements of different LED applications.

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