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Comparing WEIPU’s SP and SY Series: Understanding the Differences




In the realm of industrial connectors, WEIPU’s SP and SY series stand out due to their reliable performance and versatile applications. Despite their similar outlook, distinct differences make each series unique and suitable for various specific needs. This article explores the key differences between the SP and SY series to help you choose the right connector for your application.






Coupling Mechanism:


  • SP Series: Utilizes a threaded coupling mechanism. This ensures a secure and firm connection, making it ideal for applications where a robust connection is paramount.
  • SY Series: Features a bayonet coupling mechanism. This allows for quick and easy connections and disconnections, which is beneficial in scenarios where frequent changes are necessary.



IP Rating:


  • SP Series: Offers an IP68 rating, providing superior protection against dust and water. This makes it suitable for outdoor and harsh environment applications.
  • SY Series: Comes with an IP67 rating, which still offers excellent protection but is slightly lower than the SP series.



Shell Material:


Both the SP and SY series are made of high-quality PC and Nylon66, ensuring durability and reliability in various applications.



Size Range:


  • SP Series: Available in sizes ranging from SP11 to SP29, offering flexibility for different application needs.
  • SY Series: Available in sizes ranging from SY11 to SY29, providing similar flexibility but within the context of its bayonet coupling design.



Pin Options and Termination:


Both series offer 1-35 pin options and support solder, crimp, and screw terminations. This versatility ensures they can be adapted to various connection requirements.



Current and Voltage Ratings:


Both series offer up to 60A and 500V, making them suitable for high-power applications.





Choosing Between SP and SY


When selecting between the SP and SY series, consider the specific needs of your application:


  • For a robust and permanent connection: The SP series with its threaded coupling and IP68 rating is ideal.
  • For applications requiring frequent connections and disconnections: The SY series with its quick bayonet coupling and IP67 rating offers ease of use.




Both the SP and SY series from WEIPU provide reliable and versatile connectivity solutions. Understanding the differences in their coupling mechanisms, IP ratings, and application suitability will help you make an informed decision to ensure optimal performance in your specific environment.

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