WY TE Bayonet
Bayonet coupling
Description WY TE
Plug with metal clamping-nut: TE IP67



Material and spec

Solder contact spec

Crimp contact spec


The WF, WY and WS series are metal shell connectors, these series are a big family, these three series have the same insert, same contacts and same electric spec, just different shell and different IP rating.
WF series is a IP55-67 waterproof connector, threaded coupling, it is a very strong connector, designed for indoor I outdoor, cold or hot , hush conditions.
The connectors can be used for both cable to cable (in-line) and cable to panel-mount connections. Each side can be male or female contact, (Plug or socket versions), the IP44 caps are available on panel connector.
1)shell diameter (the panel hole cutout size) : from 16mm to 55mm .
2)number of contacts : 2pin to 61pin
3)rated current: 5A-200A
4)P rating : IP55-IP67
5)CE , ROHS approval .

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